Monday, September 26, 2011

Ch. 123 : Love's Enough

Joy can’t help but be concerned when she finds Dastan still in bed long after school should have started. He leaves once she starts the lecture, but she can’t help feel as if there’s something familiar to the lost look in his eyes. The confusion when he looks around. 

Her phone draws her from her thoughts and she answers, happy for the distraction. “Hello?”
“Joy? Joy Starr?”
She doesn’t recognize the voice, but she feels no need to worry. Usually the weirdos spend the night on her front lawn, not calling her private phone line. “Speaking. How may I help you?”

“My name is Merrick. Gregory Merrick. I have reason to believe your son may be in trouble. I can’t do anything myself from where I am, but if you do as I say exactly, you might be able to watch over him for at least a while longer.”
Joy doesn’t even hesitate. “I’ll do whatever needs to be done.”
“Good. Just repeat after me: ‘I, Joy, forbid any and all vampires from ever entering my property for as long as I live.”
She does so, and feels nothing. “Are you sure-”
“Yes.” He answers quickly, relief in his voice. “Thats all you need to do. Oh and... can you go to the chapel down your street and unlock the door to the basement? I am feeling very claustrophobic right now. Also my legs seem to be broken in a number of places. A ride to the hospital would be very much appreciated.
Joy... really isn’t sure what to think.

Joven wonders if his son is on drugs. He’s been staring at the light ever since getting home from school. Dante tells them Dastan had been doing much the same during the school day, and that people were getting worried.

“It’s time for cake!” Joy announces, trying to diffuse the tension in the house. 
Dastan seems to snap back to reality, at least partially. “Wait we can’t! Marie isn’t here yet. She promised she would be.”
“No...” Joy manages through a fake smile her son doesn’t notice. “Her father called. She’s sick at home so she can’t make it. But she sends her best wishes.”
Dastan isn’t quite convinced, but he sees no reason to delay his birthday any longer. It’ll come soon anyway, cake or no.

Joy and Joven can’t believe their baby is already so grown up.


*Giggles* Yeah I think he’ll be a good film star, don’t you? I’m already a fan. <3

The next day, Dante doesn’t have school and spends most of his morning playing video games. When Dastan takes a seat next to him, he can’t help but notice the vague look on his brother’s face has faded ever so slightly. “I take it you’re feeling better?”
“Loads.” Dastan answers. “Shouldn’t you be at school?”
“Your graduation is today. So I was given the day off. Ah the perks of being the valedictorian’s brother.”

“Oh right... graduation. I guess I’d better go get dressed.”
“Oh!” Dante calls out suddenly. “I almost forgot. Your agent called earlier. Apparently someone at the film centre wants to talk to you about a job or something.”
“They’re offering me a job?”
Dante shrugs. “Go figure, eh? I know dad’s pretty popular because he’s saved the city so many times. But I don’t get why you’re suddenly so famous. I mean, everyone knows I’m the cute one in the family.”
Dastan ignores his younger brother’s remark and decides to drop by the film centre after graduation. It might be... fun.

The graduation ceremony is nice, and its short. Dante can’t wait to get home and practice his guitar. He’s considered joining music club, but most of the members are dorks. And he wants to be cool and famous. Not a nerd.

Joy and Joven put on a little show for the paparazzi. Making sure everyone knows that in this rampant world of breakups and divorce... a teenage marriage can last through thick and thin. Sometimes Joy wonders what her life would have been without Joven. Her husband on the other hand never imagines life without her. He can’t.

Oh and Dastan totally gets the job. Was there ever any doubt? He starts as a background extra the very next day. 

He doesn’t recognize the familiar black haired girl at first. Not until he sees her smile. “Keri...?”
“Yep!” She laughs, doing a twirl for him. “Not bad for a human, eh? Dad still isn’t in the habit of cooking for two, so your mom invited me over for dinner. Do you mind?”

Keri decides being a human isn’t so bad. Not when a real life chef is the one doing the cooking. Grilled cheese is delicious!

(She does however need some practice in pacing herself. Choking is a lot more painful when its food, not plasma juice going down the wrong pipe.)

“So you’ve REALLY never had normal food before? But... I thought as a child you might have...”
“Nah.” Keri says with a shrug. “Dad was really into hot dogs and junk food. And mom’s a vegetarian vampire. Tracey and I have lived off of fresh grown plasma fruit or juice since we were real young. You get used to it. But this is sooo much better.”
Joven can’t help but laugh at his wife’s shocked expression. 

Dante knows Keri is virtuoso. So after dinner he pulls her aside and begs her to jam with him. She obliges. 

“You play beautifully.” Dastan comments once his little brother has gone to bed. “Are you okay going home so late? Or would you like to stay the night?”

“Actually I was sort of hoping I could stay for longer then just the night...” 
“You... want to move in?” He doesn’t sound against it, just curious. “When did you decide on that?”
“About the same time your mother asked me to.” She admits finally. “But if you don’t want me to, I’m okay with going back home. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything. I know you’re sort of a prude when it comes to being intimate. You won’t want to share a room.”

Dastan decides to show her just how much a “prude” he is. 

“Shall we take this upstairs?” She teases. 
He smiles at her sweetly. “Nope! Not until marriage, love.”
“I hate you so much right now.”
“Right. Thats totally what your eyes are saying, Keri.”

They do end up sharing a bed together. But definitely not in the way Keri had hoped. 


And Gen nine has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! (Holy craaaap guys!)

Reminder rolls:

- Couple 
- 2 kids
- Primary Career : Film (Acting)
- Secondary Career : Busker/Band
- Gen Goal : 5 Star Celebrity 
- Misc. Fun: Tattoo Addict. 

Dastan is already at 3 stars. Keri will probably jump to that too after a few days in the household. I'm going to try and get them both to 5 stars to make it a bit more of a challenge. I don't actually know who will get all the tattoos... but I'm leaning towards Keri. It goes with the "badass" image I'm trying to give her. 

Marie isn't out of the story just yet. She'll be around. : )


  1. Marie broke her father's legs & locked him in the chapel basement? Eek!

  2. Morale of the story: If you don't think you can take your daughter in a fist fight, don't piss her off. Its his own fault, really.>_>

  3. Aw... Dastan and Keri are cute together. : )

    Can't wait to see where they go... and also for Marie's reappearance. *twiddles thumbs patiently*

  4. OMG I LOVE KERI! Seriously, she's beautiful! And I find it hilarious that Dastan's mother asked her to move in. LOL!

    ...If Marie even thinks about touching her, I will be soooo mad.